What’s Available Now!

All produce is washed. Our greens are triple rinsed & spun, packaged and ready to eat! Our microgreens are available at both of the Seward Co-Op locations.

Now Open Saturdays at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market beginning May 16th! Pre-order here, and pick-up your produce at the market! Order Form.

New! Have fresh produce delivered to your home! Please visit our delivery page for more info!

*How big is a container? Microgreens: 24 oz plastic clamshells / Baby leaf & Mid-size greens: 32 oz plastic clamshells. Each container holds approximately 3-4 oz of greens (4oz = 1/4 lb).

Leaf Lettuce Mix Red Leaf & Green Leaf Mix

32 oz. container – 3-4 oz net $4.00

Radish Microgreens

32 oz. container – 4 oz net $4.00

Radishes Easter Egg (multi-colored)

8-10 per bunch (Medium to large) W/ green tops!


3-4 oz bunches

Arugula: Baby leaf – Mid-size Sold Out

32 oz. container – 3-4 oz net $4.00

“Spicy Mix” Mustard Greens Sold Out

32 oz. container – 3-4 oz net $4.00

Kale: Baby Leaf Sold Out

32 oz containers – 3-4 oz net $4.00


3-4 oz. bunch $3.00

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