Our Story


“I’ve avoided the whole “urban farm” movement for years – primarily because I’ve directed a farm located an hour west of Minneapolis, where I live with my family – A 10 acre Certified Organic farm created to employ adults w/ intellectual disabilities. From the time we began networking the idea of a farm to create jobs, to today, our mentors have been real farmers. Vegetable farmers at that – the only ones to still provide us with real food, and allow us to have a conversation about where it comes from.They’re the last of the true land stewards. My kids have been raised knowing nothing else. My daughter is like me, we work hard w/out question because it makes us feel good – my son is more like his Mother, he’s quick to see a smarter way to do things. Both of our kids care deeply about others. The local food movement is real, more-so in Minneapolis than anywhere else – farm to school remains a primary challenge, and being this far North doesn’t help. There’s no greater need for healthy, affordable food than there is in the city. My kids have heart, drive and are mindful of their footprint – They also have an opportunity to make a difference, to inspire change – I believe it’s our responsibility to see that through. So with all of that being said, we’re taking our 10 years of organic farming experience and are applying it at our home, in South Minneapolis”.
David Gray: Owner-Operator

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