Meet The Farmers


Experience: 6 years

Nickname: Jack Jack

Title: Owner Operator

*Specializes in: Pest management (“buggin'”) & perennial flower garden design.

Invention: The Farminator: A type of farm equipment that allows you to scout plants, seed, water and harvest etc. all remotely. It seems as if others are beginning to copy this idea!

“Dad, if we had a ‘Farminator’, then you wouldn’t have be at the farm all of the time.  Jack Gray



Experience: 9 years

Nickname: Bumblebee

Title: Owner/Operator  –  Lead planter & harvester –

*Specializes in: Working hard! And anything else that needs to get done.

Vision: Ever since reading the book, the Growing Table, Elsie has wanted us to have our own operation. “We should get a city lot and grow food together – that would be amazing! – When we get our gardens going, we can have kids with ‘special abilities’ come visit” Elsie Gray


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